Episode_009 You are not a failure

When God gives you a vision or dream of what he wants you to do he often lets us hit some bumps along the journey to build up our faith and to develop our character. During this time it’s easy to feel inadequate and want to give up when it looks like the vision/dream will never come to pass. In episode “you are not a failure” Krystal and Christina discuss how to fight and stay in the game even when all odds are stacked against you.


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Episode_007 After the pain

Finding out a partner has lied, cheated or betrayed you can be a very traumatic experience.  It can lead to bitterness, anger, resentment and depression. Krystal and Christina discuss steps to take after a partner has betrayed the trust in a relationship and how to overcome the pain.


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Episode_004 Don’t con & scheme; learn to live with in your means

Money is very important in the world we live; money can either be a blessing or a curse in your life. Krystal and Christina discuss the importance of living with in your means and maintaining a relationship with Christ as it relates to your finances.

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